International Introduction to Securities and Investment

International Introduction to Securities and Investment

Course Title: International Introduction to Securities and Investment

(In affiliation with Temasek Int’l College and Accredited Training Centre of CISI)

Course Objectives:

This unit offers a broad introduction to the financial services industry, with a specific focus on investment from a global perspective. The qualification focuses on international markets and covers key financial principles and products in depth including assets and markets, equities, bonds, derivatives and investment funds. It explores the broader economic environment in which the financial services industry operates and looks at how economic activity is determined and managed in different economic and political systems.

  • Financial Services Industry
  • The Economic Environment
  • Financial Assets & Markets
  • Derivatives
  • Investment Funds/ Strategy
  • Regulations & Ethics
  • Other Areas of Financial Services + More

Upon completing of the 48 hours training, candidates will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance by Shenton Institute of Applied Finance. Candidates are encouraged to take the CISI examinations after the training. Upon passing the examination, candidates will be awarded the CISI qualification certificate.