Speech of Singapore Ambassador to Myanmar Mr. Robert Chua

In his congratulatory speech, Singapore Ambassador to Myanmar Mr. Robert Chua said:

“I am confident Shenton Institute of Applied Finance will be run well as the two founders, Mr.Teng and Mr.Chia are distinguished scholarship holders in Japan, graduated from top Japanese universities, and were formerly diplomats in the Singapore Foreign Ministry. Also, Mr. Teng has 20 years of investment experience with the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation.”

He added that “the Institute is timely as the Yangon Stock Exchange will open soon. It will offer the public a range of course on the workings of the finance industry, the workings of a stock market and a future course on wealth management. It will enhance confidence and ability in financial decision-making. Singapore being a global financial Centre has experience and expertise that it can share with the new stock exchange in Yangon. The Institute will also contribute to education cooperation between Singapore and Myanmar. I believe it will bring high quality education and training to Myanmar and contribute to the human resource development of Myanmar’s financial services sector.”

Referring to Singapore-Myanmar cooperation in education, he noted that:
“Last years, the Singapore Embassy set up the Singapore-Myanmar Vocational Training Institute in Yangon which will boost vocational education in Myanmar and produce skilled workers for local and foreign investors. As Myanmar moves ahead with its economic development to become a middle income country, there will be many needs to boost the education of its young people. Singapore will continue to support Myanmar’s human resource development as a key pillar of economic development.”