Duration & Exam

Duration                   : 2 months             

Time                         : 2 pm  -  5 pm (Sunday)

Assessment mode : Module Exam, Presentation, Research Management Project

Students must pass all the assessments of the modules within the candidature period, in order to complete this course successfully and be awarded with a Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


 Certificate – 350,000 MMK

Installment payment is allowed. There will be re-exam fees.


·         An applicant must be at least 18 years old

·         High school graduate

·         English Intermediate level

Application Documents

  •   Application Form
  •   2 passport size photos
  •   Copy of National ID card or passport
  •  Other Education Qualification of Certificate (if applicable)

Certificate in Purchasing Management

Module Synopsis

This module introduces students to Purchasing Management with difference strategies which a company can achieve its competitive advantage.

On successful completion of this module, students should have the knowledge and understanding of the following:

• Integrated Purchasing and Supply Management Process

• Case Study on “potential for profit” in purchasing management

• Centralised versus Decentralised Purchasing system

• Discuss the Integrated Buying Model for purchasing effectiveness

• How can you develop a sourcing plan?

• Implementing the purchasing role in New Product Development Process

• JIT Conceptual Framework and Implementation of JIT system.

• Strategic make-versus-buy decision

• Discrete versus Relationship Business Strategies

• Traditional versus Partnership Supply Strategies

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