At SIAF, we provide our students with valuable overseas experience in addition to classroom lessons in Myanmar.

Together with our partner in Singapore (Singapore Institute of Materials Mgt), we arranged a study trip to Singapore from 1-5 July 2019 for our students in the Diploma of Logistics & Supply Chain Mgt to personally experience the advanced logistics scenes in Singapore and network with foreign logistics professionals there.

On the first day morning, our students attended a special training class at the Singapore Institute of Materials Management ( SIMM) conducted by the Institute’s Director Mr. Roger Lee. In the afternoon, our students visited Sankyu Logistics Facilities, a world class logistics facility set up by the top logistics company Sankyu of Japan.

The study tour participants in Singapore went to an industrial visit facility which is TAPA ( Transport Asset Protection Association ) Certified. They have completed a test and passed test in order to be awarded the TAPA certificate awarded by TAPA and SIMM.

On the last day, our students were presented with certificates from our partner SIMM (Singapore Institute of Materials Management) and TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association). Our students were extremely satisfied with the learning experience even though the program was packed and they had to stay up late every night to complete their assignments. All of them commented that they had learned a lot from SIMM Director Roger and the other invited logistics experts.

Wishing our students a fruitful & meaningful study trip! And we welcome you to join this unique logistics program available only at SIAF.

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