Diploma in Logistics and Supply Management (DLSM)






  • Fully Accredited by SIPMM – Singapore Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management
  • Leading organization in Singapore in the field of purchasing, logistics, materials, and supply management
  • SIAF-SIPMM’s DLSM graduates could apply to SIPMM to be conferred a professional credential as a World Accredited Practitioner in Logistics and Supply Management, and this credential is awarded by World Certification Institute (WCI)
  • 2 modules covering 10 topics each and 1 project
  • Affordable Tuition Fee



This diploma course equips students with the knowledge and practical techniques of contemporary logistics and supply management at a supervisory management level in an organisation.

The mode of delivery is mainly classroom lectures and case discussions. The Project module comprises class sessions in phases where students are guided to work on an approved project until completion. Students are expected to make use of relevant websites and the internet for purposes of learning and research.




  • Duration                    : 6 months
  • Time                           : 2 pm to 5 pm (Sunday)
  • Assessment mode   : Module Exam, Presentation, Management Report

Students must pass all the assessments of the modules within the candidature period, in order to complete this course successfully and be awarded with a Diploma in Logistics and Supply Management.




  • LSC307         Business Logistics Management (BLM)
  • LSC309         Warehouse Management (WM)
  • MGT301       Research Project (RP)

The BLM module covers 10 topics on the principles and techniques of business logistics management. The WM module covers 10 topics on managing a warehouse and supervising warehouse operations. The RP module is a focus on industry best practices in the specialised area of logistics and supply management.


This Internationally validated DLSM requires applicants to have prior knowledge of logistics operations, fundamental understanding in transport operations and comprehend the nature of supply chain management. Basically, this DLSM will admit students who have been working in the logistics sector or passed SIAF’s certificate level courses.

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