The MYANMAR PMI Monthly Bulletin is based on data compiled from monthly replies to questions asked of purchasing or senior managers intra-Myanmar. The Myanmar PMI is a composite index based on the diffusion indices of leading market indicators, with varying weights applied.Diffusion indices have the properties of leading indicators and provide quick summarized information. They depict the prevailing direction of change and the scope of change.

The PMI has been successfully used in the United States since 1931, and many countries have also adopted a similar methodology to compute the index. The Myanmar PMI was developed by SIAF, in consultation with Professor Philip Poh from SIPMM, who developed and successfully used PMI for the Singapore economy since 1998.

The Singapore PMI is now a key barometer of the Singapore economy, and is closely watched by governments, banks, financial institutions and media agencies worldwide. This report shows the number of responses in the positive economic direction and the diffusion index. Responses are raw data and never changed. The PMI reading above 50 indicates that the economy is generally expanding and that the economy is generally declining when the reading falls below 50.

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