Susan Thein Zaw

SIAF-SIPMM DLSM Graduate (Batch 1)

Choosing Shenton Institute of Applied Finance (SIAF) was similar to studying facility location for my SIAF-SIPMM’s DLSM (Diploma in Logistics & Supply Mangment) lectures. Strategically located along U Chit Maung Road, Tamwe Township in Central Yangon, SIAF is easily accessible via public transport. Memorably, I had to do a tremendous amount of research for DLSM’s MGT301 Research Project, which strongly deepened my understanding on “Digital Public Transport & Logistics” in Myamar. Last but not least, I chose SIAF-SIPMM’s DLSM due to its reputation in the regional logistics sector, high value for money diploma, affordable tuition fees and robust industrial demand for DLSM graduates.”